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4 Key Factors To Rapid Weight Loss

Over the past 17 years as a fitness pro, I have had the opportunity to observe, study, and learn from the top professionals in the industry in order to earn a seat among the top weight loss/fat loss experts in the world.

I often am asked, if there were 3 things that would be most impactful to my fat loss efforts, what would they be? Well, It just so happens that I am going to one-up that question by providing you with what I feel in all of my studies are the top 4 keys to conquering our weight loss efforts. Enjoy!

1.    Planning and Preparation If you are failing to plan, then you are planning to fail.  This statement holds completely true.  Planning and preparation are crucial to your continued success. 
This all starts with goal setting.  Establish where you want to end up at the end of the year nutritionally and physically and be specific.  From here, work backwards by setting mini monthly goals all the way from your end result back to where you currently are today.  This will give you a visible and tangible goal to shoot for each and every month, which will keep you motivated and on target for the ultimate life change you have set out for yourself. 
Next comes your nutrition.  I recommend each Sunday completing the Sunday ritual.  This consists of scheduling roughly 2.5 hours each Sunday to complete your shopping, prepare your foods and package it into individual serving size containers so you are taking all the guess work, stress, worry, and excuses out of the food situation.

2.    Meal Frequency – This component will enable you to do something that is essential to long lasting results.  Building your metabolism.  Building your metabolism will allow your body to burn more calories 24/7.  The key here is eating (the right components) 5-6 times per day.  By doing this, you are never letting your metabolism hit flat line.  When your metabolism hits flat line, it is more or less in what is called starvation mode.  This is when you let too much time pass between meals and your body has no other recourse other than to begin to use muscle as its main source of fuel.  This in turn will lead to a stagnant if not regressing metabolism, which is never a good thing.  A perfect time to shoot for between meals would be every 3 hours.  This will enable your body to use the fuel it needs, get rid of the rest and ready itself for the next undertaking. 

3.    Meal Components – To keep this very simple, we practice PPW five to six times per day.  That is Produce, which provides you with essential minerals and vitamins for virtually every function that occurs in your body.  This consists of unlimited fruits and vegetables, and can be split 50/50, or you can be dominant in one direction according to your tastes, likes and dislikes.  Protein, which will enable your body to release energy, aid in recovery and regeneration of muscle, immune system support, and the transport of nutrients throughout the body.  This wants to be a 2-4 ounce serving.  If you are still hungry, feel free to fill up more on the first P, Produce.  Finally we have Water or as like to refer to it as “liquid life”.  Essentially, you want to be drinking .75 x your body weight in ounces per day.  This is essential for flushing out and detoxing your body and will most certainly aid in the pursuit of a faster metabolic system.
4.    Consistency – As we all know, holding onto nutrition habits for only a short time will bring us right back to where we currently are. If you are fine with that, perfect, but if you are looking to take your life to the next level, this will need to be a change in outlook and a true commitment to change. This is all about forming habits and lifestyle changes that ensure you continue moving forward in a constant race to grab what you have set out to accomplish.  This does not mean that 3 weeks in when you really start to feel and see changes that you become more lenient and forgiving on yourself, as this leniency will grow until you realize that your progress, motivation and results are no longer.  What I want you to do is to remember why you are doing this to begin with.  What is it going to do for your life?  What is this going to mean for you?  What will your life look like once you reach your goals? 

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