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Are you interested in learning how YOU can...

Transform your body in the fastest, most efficient way possible with our strategic fat-burning nutrition and training systems?


If I can do it, believe me… You can too!! I’ve been there. Trust me… I GET IT!





Join The Biggest Loser New You’re a New You Challenge and Create Your Own Success Story Today!


Hi Family!
At Body & Soul Fitness we have had tons of amazing success stories.


The one thing about each of these success stories is that they all started exactly where you are today. Well, of course not exactly, but every one of them had to overcome obstacles and need help achieving their goals.


The people you see in our success stories are real people. They all had to struggle with their weight, overcome habits, and juggle a tight schedule.


But what they did that was different, was to make the choice to make it happen in their lives. They had a goal to make a change, and saw that accomplishing that goal was much bigger than just that.


They saw what it would do to empower and directly IMPACT what is most important to them in their lives. So they set out to face the challenge as the opportunity to grow and achieve their desires PERIOD!


You might be sitting here reading this thinking that there is no way you could have success like these people:

DrMike-300x200        Anita-300x200


You couldn’t be more wrong!


You CAN and WILL achieve results just like Dr. Mike and Anita. If you are ready for it, we absolutely have perfected our methods and have the perfect solution to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.


Starting on January 6th, we are kicking off the Biggest Loser New Year A New You Challenge.


Are you one of those people that will always start next week?


Do you tell yourself that Monday will be the day that you are going to start eating right and exercising?


Well, here is your chance to take yourself up on it!


The greatest truth I have ever learned in my life is that the different between dreams and reality IS ACTION. Joining ourBiggest Loser New Year A New You Challenge is the perfect way to jumpstart your journey towards the achievement of the results you have been wanting in your life.


Why is this the perfect challenge for you?


1.) For starters, we are the best at what we do which is body transformation and Fat Loss, which means you are in good hands. We are driven to get you where you want to go, and how to get you there. 


2.) Accountability and professional guidance has proven to be the most efficient and effective pathway towards all achievements. Doing this alone is too hard. Many try doing it on their own and here is what we’ve found.

  • Outside motivation to push through challenge is missing

  • There is tremendous benefit from the accountability provided by your coaches and peers to stay on track to reaching your goals.

  • Having a team of like minded, and goal directed people around you who have a vested interest in your achievements pushes us to further heights at a faster pace.

This is why we have created the TEAM part of this Transformation Challenge.

Check out some stats from one of our recent 6-week Biggest Loser contests:

George Parillo – 27 lbs
Rob Barrett – 49 lbs
Beth W. – Lost 27 pounds, 10.5 inches
Maureen S. – Lost 20 pounds, 7 inches
Dan F. – Lost 20 pounds, 10.7 inches



This challenge will enable you to:

Lose Weight

Lose Body Fat

Drop Sizes

Get Toned, Lean and Strong

Learn how to eat for results for a lifetime, not just a quick fix



Take a look at the results that Val B.
got from our programs!

Val did it, and so can you! There is nothing holding any of us back from getting in the best shape of our lives, but our own limiting self-beliefs PERIOD.




In the Biggest Loser New Year A New You Challenge you will get everything you need to achieve what you desire

  • A weight loss solution that is proven to WORK!
  • World Class in house training sessions
  • Done for you mini home workouts
  • Done for you video home cardio solution
  • Done for you simple to follow nutrition program SPECIFICALLY designed to crush body fat.
  • An environment built to deliver nothing short of life changing results
  • An environment and team of professionals driven and inspired to deliver every answer to every challenge you have along the way


Stop beating yourself up for not being where you want to be and let’s start getting you there today just like these champions.

Jim M. (Jimbo) – Lost 23 pounds, 13.8 inches
Kevin S. – Lost 21 pounds, 6.25 inches
Mike M. – Lost 22 pounds, 8.4 inches
Andy J. – Lost 31 pounds, 10 inches


When you join our Biggest Loser New Year New You Challenge, you are GUARANTEED to get the results you want in the least amount of time possible.


There are 2 levels of commitment you can make in the Biggest Loser New Year New You Challenge:


Current Members

New You Level 1: Only $57 Per Person

New You Level 2: Only $137 Per Person – Your current membership + add 1 day per week of Rapid Fat Loss Small Group Training to maximize your RESULTS (that’s only $80 for 6 sessions)


New You Level 1: Only $197 Per Person – 3 Team Transformation Training Sessions per week for the entire 6-week program

New You Level 2: Only $277 Per Person – 2 Team Transformation Training Sessions per week + 1 All New Rapid Fat Transformation Training per week for the entire 6-week program

$1,000 in Prizes

  • TEAM PRIZE – $500 to the team with the greatest TRANSFORMATION* in 6 weeks!
  • BIGGEST LOSER INDIVIDUAL PRIZE – $500 to the individual who is officially crowned the BIGGEST LOSER.

This challenge is a must attend, unless you are 100% satisfied with the body you have now.


So, get up and go look in the mirror.

Seriously, get up and take a quick look at yourself, and if you are 100% satisfied with the body that you see, then stop reading now and congratulations. However, if there is something you want to improve and or transforms, LET’S GET AFTER IT!



NOW, we also are offering you a 100% money back guarantee. If at any point in the contest you are not 100% satisfied with your progress and the experience you are having, we will refund every last penny of your payment.


Also, We are offering a $1000 in cash prizes. The winning team and individual, will be announced at our final recognition and celebration meeting!



So, if you are ready to take your physical body, and your life to the next level of your true greatness, register by filling out the form below or contact us to get started at (716) 572-1536  Or  email us at:


Biggest Loser A New Year A New You Challenge

Dates and Rules


Kick Off Party Success Session:
Saturday January 4th, 12-1:30pm


Start Date:
Monday January 6th


Mid-Point Meeting:
Saturday January 25th, 12-1:30pm


Final Meeting:
Saturday February 15th, 12-1:30pm


$1000 – $500 for top team, $500 for top individual




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