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Knowledge Really Isn’t Power


Knowledge is power…right?

If you think about it, knowledge loads us with the utmost of potential to take what we have learned and just explode with results.

That said, what happens if we do nothing with it? What power did that knowledge provide you then?

Potential power.

So many of us (MYSELF AS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CULPRITS) feel that we must gain more and more and more knowledge in order to have success when in fact this really is not the case.

It’s the amount of knowledge that we have which we apply and take MASSIVE ACTION with in order to serve others and have an impact on their lives that makes us successful.

So next time you find yourself sitting and pondering what else you can learn just as I was before I started writing this, take a minute and ask yourself “What do I already have that I am able to offer myself and others?”

Then apply that knowledge like hell.

Applied knowledge is truly what will give us power.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day!

Trevor Buccieri
and The Entire Transformation Center Team