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The Power of Persistence


Can you recall a time in your life when you were absolutely relentless about achieving or attaining something to the point where you drove others and maybe even your self a little crazy? Welcome to the power of persistence.

Of course this is a virtue and trait, which can certainly be overwhelming at times. On the other hand… What an amazing gift.

Looking back on the accomplishments in my life, which give me the greatest amount of pride, I can honestly say that none of them were achieved without a massive amount of persistence.

Persistence has no time for self-pity.

Persistence has no time to wait.

Persistence is an opportunity to harness what you truly desire with an incredible amount of speed and accuracy.

Persistence enables us to hone in and achieve laser like focus in order to accomplish the desired result.

Take a look at your life and I believe that you will find the values you hold dearest to you in your life are the things you will find it easy to acquire all of the persistence you need to breakthrough any challenge related to them.

Utilize these values as your secret weapon.

Anything you are looking to achieve, ask yourself how to achieving it will benefit the values you hold dearest to you in your life and you will have a newfound level of persistence to fight with.