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Mastering Our Emotions


It is said that mastering our emotions is the most powerful thing we can do in our advancement as humans.

Why is that exactly?

Every human being inherently has a set of values that are most important to them in their lives.

Every event that occurs sets off our emotions. Either we feel the event supports our values and we have positive emotions, or we feel the event challenges our values and we have negative emotions.

However we look at it, having control over our emotions means simultaneously being able to see the positives in negative times and also to see the negatives in positive times.

It would be our ability to feel the existence of constant balance in all areas of our lives regardless of any events occurring all around us.

A state of absolute love and gratitude for everything occurring at all times.

I once heard an acronym for the word SOUL stated Spirit Of Unconditional Love.

I like to think that every instance we are able to break through times of emotional imbalance, we then receive a glimpse at our true soul as a gift.

Have an awesome and inspired day!

Trevor Buccieri and the Entire Transformation Center Team