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Believe In Yourself


What we believe about ourselves and our own capabilities speak massively about the actions we put behind them on a regular basis.

Whatever we believe, we can achieve.

From everything I have experienced, what we accomplish and who we are really has nothing to do with what we say and everything to do with how we feel and what we believe about ourselves.

For example: we can speak the most amazing affirmations over and again with the greatest intensity of conviction known to man about how confident we are, the wealth in our lives, the absolute success we have in our careers, which is amazing and inspiring stuff!

The greatest challenge though comes if we don't truly feel and believe the words we are saying.

This sends mixed signals into the universe with our message saying that we desire something, yet at the same time we don't feel as though we are there yet.

So how do you change your beliefs and feelings about yourself?

Simple. Just answer the following question with 50 answers or until you can say with absolute certainty he that you own whatever trait you desire.

When, where and to whom have you demonstrated (The trait you desire) and who perceived you doing it?

Does this take work and valiant effort?
Absolutely and so does everything else in our lives in which we hold great value.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

Trevor Buccieri and the Entire Transformation Center Team