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Weight Loss Comes In Twos

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How Do You Define Character?


Today I am thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to you about character. The best definition of character I have ever heard is…

“Our character is directly defined by what we say and what we do when others are not looking."

Every single day we are blessed with opportunities and challenges. It is how we decide to handle those challenges and opportunities, which will continuously define who we are, and what we represent moving forward.

Are we facing the challenges and opportunity with the character and integrity we would be proud to display to everyone we love in our lives?

Having the strength to pause in very emotion driven challenging times to stop and ask ourselves that simple yet crucial question has the power to instantly and completely transform everything for us.

Just the sheer knowledge that we are taking into regard the poise of our approach and fully recognizing that every move we make and every word we say could very well be witnessed by others gives us a continual edge.

It is the exact moments of fear and challenge where we are most truthful and transparent in what we say and do. It is in these moments we are given the opportunity to display what we are proud to stand behind in a direct display of our true character.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

Trevor Buccieri

H2O For Weight Loss

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Driving Change


So what is it exactly that drives change?

The simplest way I have ever heard this put is that “change only occurs when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

So basically, change happens when you just can’t stand how things are any longer.

When we stop for a minute and start to recollect all of the major decisions in our lives, we will see this is the case time and time again.

The decisions we made at that time either reinforced the value of staying the same, or at that time we did take the action to make a defined change. In other words… if the pain wasn’t great enough we stayed the same. If the pain of staying the same was greater than that of change, then we made the change.

It’s incredible how something so simple can guide us through such complexity in our lives.

Whenever we are faced with a decision of making a change or staying the same, by asking ourselves a very simple question, it all becomes clear.

“What is more painful? Staying the exact same as I am now or taking the route of change?”

The answer will be quite evident and the only thing left for us to do is to take action in the direction we are guided internally.

Intuition is under-rated and many times ignored. Many of us still entangle ourselves with what we feel is logic.

My only question of this…what is more important; trusting your gut or trusting our so-called “logic” in an emotion filled state of mind?

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day!

Challenge Is Opportunity For Weight Loss

Would opportunities even exist without challenge?

Own Our TRUE Effort


Is your life demonstrating a growth or fixed mindset?

When you think of your own personal advancement do you look at your God-given intelligence, character, and creative ability as static and "just the way it is?" When you think of risk, is it worth it to you or would you rather focus on simply striving for success in avoiding failure at all cost? FIXED


Is life full of obstacles and challenges which you run towards? When you think about failure do you see it as the end or do you see it as a launching pad that if applied will enable growth into the next stratosphere? GROWTH

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is to run towards failure as fast as I possibly can.

Only when I fail will I learn what not to do.

Only when I fail will I learn what I don't want which is the only way to learn what I do want.

Only when I learn what I do want in my able to best formulate a plan of action and begin moving towards that rapidly.

Only when I move towards that end goal rapidly well I enable myself the ability to fail yet again.

Only when I fail yet again will I enable my next stage of growth.

Whether we choose to look at this life with a fixed or growth mindset is certainly every person's choice.

What I ask of you is to simply identify the manner in which you see life and ask yourself if that is what you truly desire.

If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to achieve exactly what you desire.

If not, it is simply a choice to begin viewing failure as your friend.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day.

Trevor Buccieri
and the Entire Transformation Center Team

Be Precise With Your Weight Loss

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