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Own Our TRUE Effort


Is your life demonstrating a growth or fixed mindset?

When you think of your own personal advancement do you look at your God-given intelligence, character, and creative ability as static and "just the way it is?" When you think of risk, is it worth it to you or would you rather focus on simply striving for success in avoiding failure at all cost? FIXED


Is life full of obstacles and challenges which you run towards? When you think about failure do you see it as the end or do you see it as a launching pad that if applied will enable growth into the next stratosphere? GROWTH

One of the greatest lessons I have ever learned is to run towards failure as fast as I possibly can.

Only when I fail will I learn what not to do.

Only when I fail will I learn what I don't want which is the only way to learn what I do want.

Only when I learn what I do want in my able to best formulate a plan of action and begin moving towards that rapidly.

Only when I move towards that end goal rapidly well I enable myself the ability to fail yet again.

Only when I fail yet again will I enable my next stage of growth.

Whether we choose to look at this life with a fixed or growth mindset is certainly every person's choice.

What I ask of you is to simply identify the manner in which you see life and ask yourself if that is what you truly desire.

If the answer is yes, then you are well on your way to achieve exactly what you desire.

If not, it is simply a choice to begin viewing failure as your friend.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day.

Trevor Buccieri
and the Entire Transformation Center Team