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How Do You Define Character?


Today I am thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to you about character. The best definition of character I have ever heard is…

“Our character is directly defined by what we say and what we do when others are not looking."

Every single day we are blessed with opportunities and challenges. It is how we decide to handle those challenges and opportunities, which will continuously define who we are, and what we represent moving forward.

Are we facing the challenges and opportunity with the character and integrity we would be proud to display to everyone we love in our lives?

Having the strength to pause in very emotion driven challenging times to stop and ask ourselves that simple yet crucial question has the power to instantly and completely transform everything for us.

Just the sheer knowledge that we are taking into regard the poise of our approach and fully recognizing that every move we make and every word we say could very well be witnessed by others gives us a continual edge.

It is the exact moments of fear and challenge where we are most truthful and transparent in what we say and do. It is in these moments we are given the opportunity to display what we are proud to stand behind in a direct display of our true character.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

Trevor Buccieri