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Should We Work On Our Weaknesses? NOPE!


We are 6 months into the year and I am thrilled to say we are past the half way point of meeting our goal with over 1700 people transformed thus far AND CLIMBING!!

What do you think of when you hear the word weakness?

Does it make you begin to reflect and judge yourself for your own perceived weaknesses?

Do you look at weakness as a negative thing?

Many of us do. We view our weaknesses as an Achilles heal and therefore enable them to impact the way we feel about ourselves and therefore act.

What if we were able to look at it from a new light? An empowering light enabling our next level of mastery.

How is that possible?

Too many of us view our weaknesses as what we need to work on to gain in strength. Sure if that is what you desire to do.

What if we scratched that concept and instead identified what we are best at?

What if we ignored our weaknesses (which many of us don’t enjoy doing anyway) and concentrated on better connecting with and reaching a new level of mastery with what we are already good at?

Do you think that would make you more marketable? More valuable as an individual? Of course it would.

The way we are “trained” is to concentrate on our weaknesses, which simply makes us blend in with the rest.

My challenge to you is leave your weaknesses where they are and explode your strengths into the next orbit. This will exploit your uniqueness and enable you to remain constant with the true nature of who you are and what talents you have been gifted as the individual powerhouse you always have been.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day

Weight Loss While You Travel

Is this really possible? Of course…Scope it!!

Are You Giving As Much As You Are Taking?


We are 6 months into the year and am thrilled to say we are past the half way point of meeting our goal with over 1700 people transformed thus far AND CLIMBING!!

So are you giving as much as you are taking?

I remember when I was younger, I thought life was all about how much you can get rather than how much you can give to others.

Now I know this may sound like an obvious statement to many, but to me it was foreign due to my underdeveloped mindset.

I never had an absolute appreciation for how amazing it is to add value and joy in other peoples lives until I discovered the word RECIPROCITY and started actually whole heartedly serving others.

The definition of reciprocity as I like to share it is “An exchange of opportunity given to you and then passed on to others.”

This sounds extremely simple on the outside of course, but when exemplified and put into action is transformational in others lives.

You see we all have an abundance of knowledge. We all have a gift and something that we excel in. If we could only take that gift and share that wholeheartedly using everything we’ve got with those around us, the impact we could have in their lives is immeasurable.

Throughout our development we have studied other experts, been mentored by others, as well as simply learning through trial and error. The knowledge we have gained throughout our experience has given us opportunity to excel.

What if we now took that exact same knowledge and passed it on to others in hopes that they would benefit from it as much as we have?

The impact can only be extraordinary.

By practicing reciprocity in my life I am now 100% giving more of myself to better other people and ironically in return I am receiving so much more than I ever have because of it.

I can only hope that you incrementing these principles will bring as many blessings into your life as it has for me.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

When Is The Best Time To Lose Weight

Is there really a perfect time to lose weight? Yes there is…Check it!!

Will You Exceed Expectations?


Hi there! What a beautiful day to get better.

Today I am excited to speak to you about expectations.

Every day we are given the opportunity to serve others with whatever product or service we have to offer. First things first… What a privilege this is and I give thanks every day god put me in a position to do so.

That said; we have three choices when we go out and serve others.
1. Fall below expectations
2. Meet expectations
3. Exceed expectations

All three of the above options are merely the choices we have with every opportunity we have to serve. Are we going to simply get the job done, or are we going to create an unforgettable experience and potentially change the person’s life we are serving forever?

Now maybe not every day you will have the opportunity to fully transform someone’s life, but it the same time it’s the little things that change peoples lives.

Smiling when people don’t expect you to. Lending a hand when it isn’t anticipated. Going above and beyond when you don’t have to. Delivering a wow experience when the person you’re serving is only expecting you to get the job done.

Let me ask you a question… would you prefer having a mediocre experience or an unforgettable experience?

I believe the answer is relatively obvious here, though many times it seems to be overlooked as we get caught in the challenges of day-to-day life.

The only thing we must truly recognize is that in every moment we have a choice. Will we exceed expectations by overdelivering to those we serve or will we not?

I choose to be the best I can be by striving to exceed expectations in everything I do. Of course I fail all the time, but it’s these very failures that arm me in breaking through to the next level of what I’m able to deliver people in the future.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

Planning For Weight Loss

What you mean you can plan to lose weight?

Got Integrity?


Hi my friend! I hope the day is finding you completely inspired. Today I’d love the opportunity to speak with you about integrity. Integrity by definition means “The state of being whole or undivided.” In other words…you are all in.

I believe every person inherently has a set of values, which they perceive as first most important, second most important, third most important and so on. I also believe that the greater amount of our time we can spend concentrating our energy and efforts towards what is most important to us in our lives, The more fulfilled we become.

Now let’s move to the next level.

The word integrity, I tend to link with an inherent moral standard, which all of us have a different perception on of course. That said, the more authentic we can remain in our efforts or in other words the more “whole” we can maintain with each step we take, the greater we uphold our integrity and the more undivided we become.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say every person desires the ability to excel in the areas they whole dearest to their hearts.

What if we have the ability to approach every challenge and opportunity with in these areas with 100% integrity? Would that really make a difference?

Well first things first… every single person has the ability to exert 100% integrity whenever they CHOOSE to do so.

Finally I’d like to end with a question. If you exerted no less then maximum effort in everything you love, how could it be any less than the perfection of fulfillment?

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day

Enjoyment And Love For Weight Loss

If you don't love what you are doing...what's the point?

Give Your Attitude Altitude


It's unbelievable when we finally realize how impactful the attitude we project to the world is on our lives.

Our attitude is a mental and physiological depiction of what we truly think about a situation. In other words, we project our attitude through our words, behaviors and mannerisms.

Therefore, although many of us think we are being very discreet with our true feelings, people are very intuitive and have the ability to detect your true vibration.

Yes this includes frustration, anger, bitterness, boredom, lack of sincerity and anything else you can throw out there.

The beautiful thing is that this also includes love, passion, desire to help others and the list goes on.

My question for you today is… what attitude do you want to show to the world? What do you want others to look at you and feel? Do you want them to feel empowered? Do you want them to feel inspired? Or do you want them to feel pissed off?

The law of attraction states that whatever we think about and project, is exactly what we manifest. Therefore, whatever attitude we put out for the world is exactly what we are calling upon the universe to continue delivering us.

So how do I improve my attitude?

Simple really. Ask your self "how will improving my attitude benefit my life?” and create 50 answers to this.

Many people will look at this exercise with a negative attitude and think that it is meaningless. My answer to you is that you have always had and will always have the ability to choose the attitude you project.

This is simply just another one of those opportunities of choice.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day