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Give Your Attitude Altitude


It's unbelievable when we finally realize how impactful the attitude we project to the world is on our lives.

Our attitude is a mental and physiological depiction of what we truly think about a situation. In other words, we project our attitude through our words, behaviors and mannerisms.

Therefore, although many of us think we are being very discreet with our true feelings, people are very intuitive and have the ability to detect your true vibration.

Yes this includes frustration, anger, bitterness, boredom, lack of sincerity and anything else you can throw out there.

The beautiful thing is that this also includes love, passion, desire to help others and the list goes on.

My question for you today is… what attitude do you want to show to the world? What do you want others to look at you and feel? Do you want them to feel empowered? Do you want them to feel inspired? Or do you want them to feel pissed off?

The law of attraction states that whatever we think about and project, is exactly what we manifest. Therefore, whatever attitude we put out for the world is exactly what we are calling upon the universe to continue delivering us.

So how do I improve my attitude?

Simple really. Ask your self "how will improving my attitude benefit my life?” and create 50 answers to this.

Many people will look at this exercise with a negative attitude and think that it is meaningless. My answer to you is that you have always had and will always have the ability to choose the attitude you project.

This is simply just another one of those opportunities of choice.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day