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Got Integrity?


Hi my friend! I hope the day is finding you completely inspired. Today I’d love the opportunity to speak with you about integrity. Integrity by definition means “The state of being whole or undivided.” In other words…you are all in.

I believe every person inherently has a set of values, which they perceive as first most important, second most important, third most important and so on. I also believe that the greater amount of our time we can spend concentrating our energy and efforts towards what is most important to us in our lives, The more fulfilled we become.

Now let’s move to the next level.

The word integrity, I tend to link with an inherent moral standard, which all of us have a different perception on of course. That said, the more authentic we can remain in our efforts or in other words the more “whole” we can maintain with each step we take, the greater we uphold our integrity and the more undivided we become.

I believe I speak for all of us when I say every person desires the ability to excel in the areas they whole dearest to their hearts.

What if we have the ability to approach every challenge and opportunity with in these areas with 100% integrity? Would that really make a difference?

Well first things first… every single person has the ability to exert 100% integrity whenever they CHOOSE to do so.

Finally I’d like to end with a question. If you exerted no less then maximum effort in everything you love, how could it be any less than the perfection of fulfillment?

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day