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Will You Exceed Expectations?


Hi there! What a beautiful day to get better.

Today I am excited to speak to you about expectations.

Every day we are given the opportunity to serve others with whatever product or service we have to offer. First things first… What a privilege this is and I give thanks every day god put me in a position to do so.

That said; we have three choices when we go out and serve others.
1. Fall below expectations
2. Meet expectations
3. Exceed expectations

All three of the above options are merely the choices we have with every opportunity we have to serve. Are we going to simply get the job done, or are we going to create an unforgettable experience and potentially change the person’s life we are serving forever?

Now maybe not every day you will have the opportunity to fully transform someone’s life, but it the same time it’s the little things that change peoples lives.

Smiling when people don’t expect you to. Lending a hand when it isn’t anticipated. Going above and beyond when you don’t have to. Delivering a wow experience when the person you’re serving is only expecting you to get the job done.

Let me ask you a question… would you prefer having a mediocre experience or an unforgettable experience?

I believe the answer is relatively obvious here, though many times it seems to be overlooked as we get caught in the challenges of day-to-day life.

The only thing we must truly recognize is that in every moment we have a choice. Will we exceed expectations by overdelivering to those we serve or will we not?

I choose to be the best I can be by striving to exceed expectations in everything I do. Of course I fail all the time, but it’s these very failures that arm me in breaking through to the next level of what I’m able to deliver people in the future.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day