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Are You Giving As Much As You Are Taking?


We are 6 months into the year and am thrilled to say we are past the half way point of meeting our goal with over 1700 people transformed thus far AND CLIMBING!!

So are you giving as much as you are taking?

I remember when I was younger, I thought life was all about how much you can get rather than how much you can give to others.

Now I know this may sound like an obvious statement to many, but to me it was foreign due to my underdeveloped mindset.

I never had an absolute appreciation for how amazing it is to add value and joy in other peoples lives until I discovered the word RECIPROCITY and started actually whole heartedly serving others.

The definition of reciprocity as I like to share it is “An exchange of opportunity given to you and then passed on to others.”

This sounds extremely simple on the outside of course, but when exemplified and put into action is transformational in others lives.

You see we all have an abundance of knowledge. We all have a gift and something that we excel in. If we could only take that gift and share that wholeheartedly using everything we’ve got with those around us, the impact we could have in their lives is immeasurable.

Throughout our development we have studied other experts, been mentored by others, as well as simply learning through trial and error. The knowledge we have gained throughout our experience has given us opportunity to excel.

What if we now took that exact same knowledge and passed it on to others in hopes that they would benefit from it as much as we have?

The impact can only be extraordinary.

By practicing reciprocity in my life I am now 100% giving more of myself to better other people and ironically in return I am receiving so much more than I ever have because of it.

I can only hope that you incrementing these principles will bring as many blessings into your life as it has for me.

Have an awesome inspired rest of your day