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Focus on Your Values


Have you ever been so extremely focused before to where it seems like nothing could get in your way?

On the flip side of the coin have you ever felt distracted?

Of course the answer to both of these questions is yes.

We have all been focused and in the zone and at the same time we have all been distracted. With all of this said, I believe it is very evident which yields more powerful end results. The greatest challenge however is achieving that “in the zone” level of focus when it really counts.

Let me ask another question if I may. How are we supposed to achieve that level of focus any place any time?

The answer is honestly much more simple than you could’ve imagined and something that you have and have always had instant access to.

Focusing on your values. By this I mean focusing on what is most important to you in your life and how accomplishing what ever task or challenge you are entangled with is going to benefit what is most important to you and your life.

Only when we see the true impact of our actions on what we hold dearest to us in our lives does it raise the value of our performance with that very task.

If we are not able to make this connection and see the true impact of our current challenges we are up against on a daily basis, why would we push ourselves to thrive in this area? The answer simply is that we wouldn’t and we don’t.

My challenge to you is whenever you feel as if you are distracted in whatever task you are doing, Simply ask yourself how is crushing this obstacle going to benefit what is most important to you in your life.

Come up with at least 20 answers to this question and I guarantee your level of focus will explode into the roof and you’ll be off to the races.

Have an awesome inspired rest of you day!

Underestimating Your Weight Loss Ability

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Decide to Conquer


All through our lives we are handed challenges where our backs are against the wall. It’s these very times when we have a very powerful 2 choice scenario.

Either we sit back and let life gobble us up, or we make THE DECISION to conquer.

You may have noticed that I highlighted DECISION for a reason.

When we are faced with any challenges in our lives, we are granted the power of choice with how we decide to handle the challenges.

Many of us may deny the reality of that statement based on our own self-doubt in our abilities to conquer, or the fears involved with the possibility of failure.

Non-the less, the desire to conquer appears throughout all of our lives continuously in our daydreams, our dreams, conversations we have throughout the day, and the list goes on and on.

My hope for you is that you accept the desire to conquer over our rejection of the thought based on fear.

My hope for you is that you take on the challenges presenting you opportunity to rise and conquer.

For every challenge we conquer gives us yet another opportunity to show ourselves our value and our limitless abilities.

So the decision is yours. Will you decide to be defeated in the face of fear, or will you decide to rise and conquer?

Have an awesome inspired rest of you day!

Happiness And Weight Loss

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Got Leadership?


Whether we choose to believe it or not, we are all leaders in some shape or form.

In our everyday lives there are those who are watching us and in many cases unbeknownst to us are emulating what we say and what we do.

I know when I think about this personally many times it sparks a bit of anxiety. My kids are watching everything I do and say. Am I being the example I truly desire to be for them?

I know I’m not alone with these thoughts as many others have shared with me that they too have the same concerns.

So the question remains how do we exude leadership on a daily basis?

The definition of leadership is the ability to lead. Therefore in order to become the best leader, we can we must be prepared to be an example every day.

Of course this doesn’t mean hitting a grand slam every time but what it does mean is being strong enough to look at our actions and in inactions with a fine tooth comb and ask ourselves the following question. “are my actions ones I am proud to share with my loved ones and all of those around me I am influencing?”

Many times the answer to this question will be a big fat NO. This my friends is the entire point. Identifying these instances and accepting them as truth is a gift very few are willing to accept.

Only by accepting these observations and realizations as truth are we able to create an action plan to catapult us into the next stratosphere.

Leadership in my eyes is not about perfection but the willingness to assess our own actions and make the changes we deemed necessary to maximize our potential equivalent to our desires.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Why Weight Loss?

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Do We All Have A Purpose?


Purpose is a topic of conversation, which is many times confusing and certainly often times disagreed upon.

If we decide to look at it as a non-existent thing, then are we saying that whatever or whoever created us did it as an accident? That there is no meaning behind our time here?

If this is what you choose to believe, I certainly respect and appreciate your opinion for sure.

But what if it is much more than that?

What if it exceeded all of our capability to understand due to the finite nature of our thought patterns in an infinite universe?

I offer this vantage point.

What if you as an individual created a proprietary list of what is first most important, second most important, third most important etc. in your life? A sequential list with everything and everything you hold dear to you.

Now what if you dedicated your life towards serving everything, which you hold most dear to you?

Is there anything else you would choose to do with your life?

If you truly took the time to identify everything in your life that you love, immersing yourself completely into all of those different facets of love would yield nothing but love and fulfillment in return.

Surrounding yourself with everything and everyone you love would be impossible to yield anything else but love and fulfillment at the end.

What is more powerful than love? Anything?

I think we can all agree that dedicating ourselves to everything and everyone we hold dearest in our lives would be impactful and powerful in many lives.

Now when you think of the word purpose, do you believe you have one as the brilliant individual you are?

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day.

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