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Do We All Have A Purpose?


Purpose is a topic of conversation, which is many times confusing and certainly often times disagreed upon.

If we decide to look at it as a non-existent thing, then are we saying that whatever or whoever created us did it as an accident? That there is no meaning behind our time here?

If this is what you choose to believe, I certainly respect and appreciate your opinion for sure.

But what if it is much more than that?

What if it exceeded all of our capability to understand due to the finite nature of our thought patterns in an infinite universe?

I offer this vantage point.

What if you as an individual created a proprietary list of what is first most important, second most important, third most important etc. in your life? A sequential list with everything and everything you hold dear to you.

Now what if you dedicated your life towards serving everything, which you hold most dear to you?

Is there anything else you would choose to do with your life?

If you truly took the time to identify everything in your life that you love, immersing yourself completely into all of those different facets of love would yield nothing but love and fulfillment in return.

Surrounding yourself with everything and everyone you love would be impossible to yield anything else but love and fulfillment at the end.

What is more powerful than love? Anything?

I think we can all agree that dedicating ourselves to everything and everyone we hold dearest in our lives would be impactful and powerful in many lives.

Now when you think of the word purpose, do you believe you have one as the brilliant individual you are?

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day.