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Decide to Conquer


All through our lives we are handed challenges where our backs are against the wall. It’s these very times when we have a very powerful 2 choice scenario.

Either we sit back and let life gobble us up, or we make THE DECISION to conquer.

You may have noticed that I highlighted DECISION for a reason.

When we are faced with any challenges in our lives, we are granted the power of choice with how we decide to handle the challenges.

Many of us may deny the reality of that statement based on our own self-doubt in our abilities to conquer, or the fears involved with the possibility of failure.

Non-the less, the desire to conquer appears throughout all of our lives continuously in our daydreams, our dreams, conversations we have throughout the day, and the list goes on and on.

My hope for you is that you accept the desire to conquer over our rejection of the thought based on fear.

My hope for you is that you take on the challenges presenting you opportunity to rise and conquer.

For every challenge we conquer gives us yet another opportunity to show ourselves our value and our limitless abilities.

So the decision is yours. Will you decide to be defeated in the face of fear, or will you decide to rise and conquer?

Have an awesome inspired rest of you day!