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Change Your Outlook


The outlook we have at any given time with every single situation in our lives determines the outcome we will experience.

Now I’m not here to say having an optimistic outlook where we are always able to see the benefits in so-called “negative” situations is going to eliminate hardship and challenge.

In fact when we think about it eliminating this would be a huge disadvantage to us. Without hardship and challenge how would we ever know how to improve and discover what we truly want?

What I am saying is that our outlook especially during tough times is detrimental to how we learn to lift ourselves up during these times of challenge and accelerate forward into our next level of personal growth.

Our outlook is directly correlated to our response time as well as the actual response in itself.

This outlook defines whether we are going to curl up into a ball and feel sorry for ourselves during tough times or if we going to embrace our fears and utilize that energy to propel ourselves into the next stratosphere.

Every single situation and every single challenge we have gives us another opportunity to set a new standard for ourselves with an ever-improving outlook.

I’m a firm believer that in all situations we are never given something we are not capable of handling at that particular time. It’s simply a matter of asking ourselves the question “how long are we going to remain at our current level of challenge before we are bold enough to break through to our next level of greatness?”

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

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How Resilient Are You?


Resilience can be measured in many ways.

Wanting something so bad only to find out you can’t have it instill having the strength to move on.

How hard you can get hit and still get up.

How emotionally destroyed you can be and still recover.

The list goes on and on, but what remains is a common denominator between all instances, which is a product of conditioning.

The greater the challenge, the greater game we seem to bring to the table. Repeat this Time and time again and you will see your tolerance for higher-level challenge becomes more conditioned with time.

Most of us don’t credit ourselves properly with how resilient we truly are. The battles we have been through both physically and emotionally in our lives only to come out stronger is what shapes us.

These very battles we are gifted are what enable us to face and overcome feats we once looked at as impossible.

We are all of course dealt different hands in life. It is when we feel our worst that are resiliency comes out to shine and grow.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

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The Value of Trust


Having trust is an extremely undervalued asset, which in my opinion should never be overlooked. It needs to be the center of our thought and action process.

There are so many perspectives from which we can view trust, but the kind I am speaking about resonates more with having faith.

Trusting that if you are diligent, disciplined and focused with your actions that you will in fact be progressing and moving forward.

When it comes down to it, continual progress moving forward is what I believe every human being yearns for in all areas of our life. If we don’t have progress that means we are moving backwards. If we are moving backwards in our minds we are dying.

So how did we establish this trust?

The truth is that every single one of us already possesses this. We simply need constant reinforcement to remind us. The way we attain this constant reinforcement is by continually pushing ourselves towards what we desire in our lives.

By taking constant action we are trusting in the universe to deliver us feedback in both a positive and negative light.

When we perceive feedback as positive it immediately lets us know to repeat the action and others like it. On the other hand when the feedback is negative interns of how it makes us feel, we know that we must change our course of action to become more aligned with our desires.

Establishing this trust that we will always be given the answers and feedback that we need in order to accomplish what we desire opens us up to endless possibilities an opportunity.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

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Run Towards Failure


Why is it that failure constantly gets a bad reputation?

Why is it something that we fear?

Why is it something we only perceive to be a bad thing?

The reason failure receives such a bad reputation and is feared by many it simply because we aren’t appreciating the other side of failure.

Every time we fail we are given the gift of feedback. Of course many of us are so emotional at the time of failure that we don’t really consider the value of the answers in front of us at that time. The truth however is that everything is literally laid out for us at that very moment.

Failure was simply created to guide us more towards what we truly desire.

What better way to find out what we really want then to be given an end result that we don’t want. Having what you don’t want right in front of you makes it very clear what needs to change to get the end result we want.

Let’s put it this way… all of us owe a debt of gratitude to failure and being given what we don’t want. Only when this happens are we able to visualize the most organic passions and aspirations in our lives.

As soon as we grasp this we realize how advantageous it immediately becomes to run towards as many failures as we possibly can.

One of the coolest quotes I ever heard from one of my mentors John Demartini was “the greater the challenge the greater the reward.” In translation here, the greater the failure the more we will grow from it if we merely take the feedback we receive from the situation and apply it moving forward.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

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It's All About Perspective


Everything is simply a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Every challenge that enters our lives is merely what we make of it.

Are we going to look at that challenge as something negative? As something daunting?

Are we going to perceive the experience of challenge as a bad thing; or will be have the guts to see the truth of a different perspective that the challenge is truly a good thing.

The interesting thing is that both occur simultaneously and this is called synchronicity.

According to universal law every event that we witness is simultaneously good and bad depending upon who is judging it.

If the event is something, which supports our values we will perceive it as good.

If it is something, which challenges our values we will perceive the same event as bad.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Challenge is no different. Many of us will look at these situations is being bad because yes it adds stress to our life. Yes it brings us out of our comfort zone. All of these things are true.

At the same time, the very challenges bring opportunity to learn how to handle higher-level challenges with a greater sense of emotional control and balance.

Learning such a skill to apply moving forward in our lives is invaluable.

The truth is that both sides occur simultaneously always. It’s just a matter of the perspective and vantage point we are viewing this situation from.

Are we able to simultaneously see the drawbacks but also the amazing benefits of these situations?

Doing so puts us in an emotional state of love and appreciation for the opportunity.

Yes it is difficult but at the same time, this is how we grow.

Have an awesome inspired rest of you day!

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