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It's All About Perspective


Everything is simply a matter of perspective isn’t it?

Every challenge that enters our lives is merely what we make of it.

Are we going to look at that challenge as something negative? As something daunting?

Are we going to perceive the experience of challenge as a bad thing; or will be have the guts to see the truth of a different perspective that the challenge is truly a good thing.

The interesting thing is that both occur simultaneously and this is called synchronicity.

According to universal law every event that we witness is simultaneously good and bad depending upon who is judging it.

If the event is something, which supports our values we will perceive it as good.

If it is something, which challenges our values we will perceive the same event as bad.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Challenge is no different. Many of us will look at these situations is being bad because yes it adds stress to our life. Yes it brings us out of our comfort zone. All of these things are true.

At the same time, the very challenges bring opportunity to learn how to handle higher-level challenges with a greater sense of emotional control and balance.

Learning such a skill to apply moving forward in our lives is invaluable.

The truth is that both sides occur simultaneously always. It’s just a matter of the perspective and vantage point we are viewing this situation from.

Are we able to simultaneously see the drawbacks but also the amazing benefits of these situations?

Doing so puts us in an emotional state of love and appreciation for the opportunity.

Yes it is difficult but at the same time, this is how we grow.

Have an awesome inspired rest of you day!