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Run Towards Failure


Why is it that failure constantly gets a bad reputation?

Why is it something that we fear?

Why is it something we only perceive to be a bad thing?

The reason failure receives such a bad reputation and is feared by many it simply because we aren’t appreciating the other side of failure.

Every time we fail we are given the gift of feedback. Of course many of us are so emotional at the time of failure that we don’t really consider the value of the answers in front of us at that time. The truth however is that everything is literally laid out for us at that very moment.

Failure was simply created to guide us more towards what we truly desire.

What better way to find out what we really want then to be given an end result that we don’t want. Having what you don’t want right in front of you makes it very clear what needs to change to get the end result we want.

Let’s put it this way… all of us owe a debt of gratitude to failure and being given what we don’t want. Only when this happens are we able to visualize the most organic passions and aspirations in our lives.

As soon as we grasp this we realize how advantageous it immediately becomes to run towards as many failures as we possibly can.

One of the coolest quotes I ever heard from one of my mentors John Demartini was “the greater the challenge the greater the reward.” In translation here, the greater the failure the more we will grow from it if we merely take the feedback we receive from the situation and apply it moving forward.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!