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How Resilient Are You?


Resilience can be measured in many ways.

Wanting something so bad only to find out you can’t have it instill having the strength to move on.

How hard you can get hit and still get up.

How emotionally destroyed you can be and still recover.

The list goes on and on, but what remains is a common denominator between all instances, which is a product of conditioning.

The greater the challenge, the greater game we seem to bring to the table. Repeat this Time and time again and you will see your tolerance for higher-level challenge becomes more conditioned with time.

Most of us don’t credit ourselves properly with how resilient we truly are. The battles we have been through both physically and emotionally in our lives only to come out stronger is what shapes us.

These very battles we are gifted are what enable us to face and overcome feats we once looked at as impossible.

We are all of course dealt different hands in life. It is when we feel our worst that are resiliency comes out to shine and grow.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!