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Change Your Outlook


The outlook we have at any given time with every single situation in our lives determines the outcome we will experience.

Now I’m not here to say having an optimistic outlook where we are always able to see the benefits in so-called “negative” situations is going to eliminate hardship and challenge.

In fact when we think about it eliminating this would be a huge disadvantage to us. Without hardship and challenge how would we ever know how to improve and discover what we truly want?

What I am saying is that our outlook especially during tough times is detrimental to how we learn to lift ourselves up during these times of challenge and accelerate forward into our next level of personal growth.

Our outlook is directly correlated to our response time as well as the actual response in itself.

This outlook defines whether we are going to curl up into a ball and feel sorry for ourselves during tough times or if we going to embrace our fears and utilize that energy to propel ourselves into the next stratosphere.

Every single situation and every single challenge we have gives us another opportunity to set a new standard for ourselves with an ever-improving outlook.

I’m a firm believer that in all situations we are never given something we are not capable of handling at that particular time. It’s simply a matter of asking ourselves the question “how long are we going to remain at our current level of challenge before we are bold enough to break through to our next level of greatness?”

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!