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What can I give not get?


The ultimate gift is giving right?

If you think back through your life at all of the times you were given the opportunity to give something or do something incredible for another person, I think you would agree there is nothing quite like that feeling.

Being able to blow someone away with something unexpected and ultimately making their day, week, month, year or even life for that matter.

Only when we are concentrating on what we can give and not what we can get are we able to see clearly enough and become focused enough to feel and produce our true power and impact we can have on those around us.

Now compare that to getting something that you have wanted for quite some time.

YES that is awesome! No doubt. That said, I think we can all agree that the nostalgia wears off in a very short period of time and we are then onto the next thing.

Material things we get, especially for ourselves are just that. They are things. Yes they are great and we all enjoy them, but they are not priceless experiences and bonds we can take with us.

Concentrating on what we can give or do for others; whether it be something material we give or just an unexpected simple gesture that brings a smile to a stranger’s face IS.

It’s what we can give, not what we can get.

The clincher in this entire equation is very interesting however.

The more we give, THE MORE WE GET.

Think back to a time when you were able to create magic for someone and tell me that was not one of the most fulfilling times in your life. You’re anticipation in presenting it to them. The look on their face when they received it. The joy and love you were able to bring to that individual.

This my friends is priceless.

At the end… Giving is getting ;-)

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

Assess and Correct For Weight Loss

Inspect what you expect with weight loss…Scope it!

Are You a Patient Person?


If you could rate your self on a scale of 1 to 10 on how patient you are… What would you give yourself?

Most likely when you answer that question you were thinking of it pertaining to being patient with others.

Now I want you to answer the same question pertaining to yourself. On a scale of 1 to 10 how patient are you with yourself and your own personal progress?

If you answered like most of us, your patients for yourself is lower.

Why is this? Do we expect too much of ourselves? Is what we desire unrealistic? Or is it simply the timeframe in which we are expecting it?

It’s said that we drastically overestimate what we can do in a year while at the same time drastically underestimating what we can do in five.

Every time we attempt to accomplish something, our own reactions to our performance is a direct feedback mechanism for us.

When this feedback is over supportive then we become complacent with our progress.

On the contrary, when this feedback is too challenging and oppositional, we tend to shutdown and or shut off both of which are counterproductive towards what we are out to ultimately accomplish.

Patience is a virtue. We have heard this quote over and over again and I could not agree with it more.

Patience is a fine line between challenge and support.

Yes we must challenge ourselves in order to set new goals and continue to enable ourselves to reach. At the same time I can’t stress enough the importance of self-appreciation and love for our willingness to put ourselves out there, and the accomplishments we are making with every single step of our journey.

My challenge for you this week is simple. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are amazing. Let yourself know that it is okay to stumble. What truly counts is how quickly we get up and take the next step.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

Doing so is DETRIMENTAL...Check it!

We Persevere with What We Love!


Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri and welcome to your weekly minute mindset. We are in the middle of the first week of the September challenge and I am thrilled to say we are at 2675 people transformed thus far AND CLIMBING!! Check out the movement at www.20pounds6weeks.com.

Recently I was having a discussion with my friend Joe and he was speaking about one of his team members at his company. He mentioned that he didn't think this person has any perseverance whatsoever. They just give up as soon as the going gets tough in his role.

I simply nodded and agreed saying "you're right. She probably just doesn't care enough about the situation to deal with the challenges of the situation."

He agreed and moved on with the conversation.

Later that evening he brought the situation back up and asked me exactly what I meant with my answer.

I said "well… Every single person has things that are most important, second most important, third most important and so on to them in their lives. The more important something is to someone, the more they are willing to deal with both pain and pleasure related to that situation. In other words the more apt they are apt to persevere in the face of challenge."

Joe said "so are you saying that it's just not important to her?"

"Well... I'm a huge advocate on actions speak louder than words and my interpretation tells me it is either that it's not important to her or that she feels she doesn't have the tools or support when the going gets tough."

Joe ended up meeting with his team member Sara the next day and we hit it on the head. Sara just was not into the responsibilities of the position. Joe had the wrong person in the role and was trying to force the situation to work properly.

Now is it just so happens, Sara has been a fantastic asset to Joe's company and had been a top for former the previous four years so letting her go was not really an option for Joe.

The solution was more simple than you'd ever imagine. Joe simply had a discussion with her and asked her what she was most passionate about in the company. After the conversation, Sara was now the new director of operations and has never looked back.

Joe cannot believe the amount of challenge she is willing and able to undertake with a smile on her face the entire time.

Perseverance is in all of us. Will most people persevere in situations and challenges they don't care about? Well… I think that answer is pretty obvious. On the other hand… In areas that are most important to us and that we love, watch out because all of us will let our perseverance shine.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

Progress For Weight Loss

Weight loss is about every single step of the journey...Check it!

When We Have Certainty…We Shine


Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri and welcome to your weekly minute mindset. I am thrilled to say we are at 2675 people transformed thus far AND CLIMBING!!

Have you ever been so certain about a situation that there was no room for any doubts in your mind whatsoever? This is what I refer to as having absolute certainty.

Regardless of the area of life we are referring to, attaining certainty is no easy task. 

It begins with attaining knowledge about the entirety of the subject matter. It is learning about both sides of the situation to eliminate bias and opinions. 

The next step is gaining know how. After extensively researching and acquiring all of the knowledge we can, we then begin to apply this knowledge and begin our journey of gaining know how. This is a period of experimentation where mistakes certainly occur revealing direction to us and further solidifying our stance and the organization of our learned knowledge.

Finally, we reach certainty. This is when we have exhausted every possibility in a situation leaving only one conclusion of which we are absolutely certain of. 

Speaking from any leadership standpoint, the only way a leader can truly be effective in my opinion is when their certainty exceeds any doubts of others around them.

Many if not all of us have an opinion on almost every situation. Some opinions we hold are much stronger than others. However we can all identify situations where the subject matter strikes a fire of certainty in us. This is when our true passion comes alive.

So I leave you with this question… What are you most certain of your life?

Have an outstanding inspired rest of you day!

Complaining and Weight Loss

If you say you want it…WHY YOU COMPLAININ? Scope it!