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Every action regardless of how big or small, causes a reaction equal in size.

Many times, what we fail to consider is that the actions of what we do and do not do are one in the same. They both lead to consequences. Both good and bad.

In fact, many times the in-actions of what we don’t do leads us to consequences we may have never even considered.

Are we living the life of our dreams?

If you answered no…THEN WHY THE HELL NOT?

Is it something we were fearful of.

Maybe we lacked the belief in ourselves to actually be able to do it.

Maybe we felt people wouldn’t love us as much if we failed.

Maybe we thought we wouldn’t be good enough.

I need to ask you… is that where you want to stay?

So you take the plunge and you fall. Who cares. You get back up with the new outlook and you walk better.

A beautiful gift we all have is the choice to make our own consequences.

Of course the majority of the time our actions don’t perfectly lead to where we thought they would but at the turning point again we are given the choice to shape our next set of consequences.

My promise to you is the next time I am faced with an opportunity, which feels absolutely right, yet fills me with fear and self-doubt, I will jump and go for it.

I refuse to deny myself of that next level opportunity simply because of a little fear.

So now it’s time for me to ask you… Are you in?

Do you promise the same for yourself?

If so reply here……I’M IN!

Have an outstanding inspired day!

Weight Loss Happens Now

Why wait for tomorrow that which you CAN do today? Check it.

Are You Relentless?


When was the last time that you doubted yourself?

Maybe it was about your ability to succeed in something. Maybe you doubted your physical appearance. Maybe you doubted your intelligence. Anyway you look at it, self-doubt is an automatic dream killer.

Now let me ask you… When was last time you were relentless?

Shaking your head back-and-forth with a lot of blanks?

If you are drawing blanks, you are in the company of many.

It’s interesting how many of us can recall vividly our own negative self talk while at the same time it’s difficult to remember being on fire and unstoppable.

If you look up the word relentless, it means to be ceaseless and intense. Simply put… this is when you are on freaking fire!

So now for the question you may not want to be asked…

What happened to your fire? What happened to your faith in yourself? What happened to your dream you gave up on?

Are you too old? Is it too hard? Is the market not right? Is the timing not right?

Well I’ve got news for all of us: the timing will never be right but what I do know is that the best time is now.

What I’ve learned is that there are two basic human fears
1. The fear of not being loved
2. The fear of not being good enough

Everything else is simply an extension of these.

When you were relentless, you didn’t care about the failures along the way. They were just small speed bumps.

When you are relentless you were committed to yourself, your dreams and overcoming whatever gets in your way.

So which is it for you? Is it your fear of not being loved or not being good enough?

We can entangle ourselves and in our minds all day but the desire to be relentless still remains and grows into resentment overtime.

We owe it to ourselves to honor our desires and chase these dreams with relent because they never turn off if they are truly meant to be in our lives.

They will always linger and be there reminding us that there is always still time.

My challenge for you is to choose one thing you desire most and chase it with everything you’ve got. Turn that fire on like never before, Be relentless and go after it like an inferno.

Of course like everyone says it’s about the journey. It’s about the race itself. That is where the growth happens bar none, but I don’t believe that is where the true discovery happens.

It’s not even about the end result. It’s about what’s enabled in your life once you attain your end result.

I promise you… it’s worth it.

Now get after it!

Have an outstanding inspired day!

Do You Think You Can Lose Weight?

Do you believe you can or cannot? Check it!

Strength Through Exemplification


We are into October and we are at 2963 people transformed losing 20lbs or more of our 3000 transformation goal! We will be there in weeks thanks to you so THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE AND DEDICATION TO YOURSELVES.

Exemplification in my opinion is one of the most powerful yet underutilized traits, which all of us have.

Looking back throughout my life I can remember hundreds upon thousands of opportunities to learn. That said the ones that stick with me the most and have become part of me we’re situations where I learned through the immersion process of being under the wing of a leader.

The leader was not just telling me what to do but was showing me what to do by doing themselves and also mentoring me along the way.

Asking me questions about what I thought about situations. Running through different scenarios together. Making decisions and explaining why. All of these opportunities put me in a position of empowerment because I was included and I was led by someone it was simply acting and leading by example rather than telling me what to do, which would’ve made the experience uninspiring and disempowering. Let me ask you question… do you like being told what to do?

If you are like many people including myself, you answered no to this question.

Why is that?

We all love to feel accomplished and there is nothing like becoming inspired by our own abilities. Being able to create something, fix something, figure it out or just ultimately do it yourself is pure empowerment.

The truth is that we all operate this way. So ask yourself where can you simply lead better in your life? Where can you be the ultimate example and mentor?

The most amazing thing about exemplification is that it provides the greatest growth for us. It transforms us into master teachers in all areas of our life.

When we can create an experience for someone in a learning situation to where we are lifting them up and caring about them enough to take the time to exemplify, the growth we are able to provide them becomes exponential and limitless.

Have an outstanding inspired day!

Trust Your Gut For Weight Loss

Why is it we always question our gut? Check it.

Gratitude For Weight Loss

Why does being grateful help me with my weight loss? Scope it.