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Dedication And Weight Loss

It’s not what you think. Check it...

Our behavior says it all


If I were to ask you what you thought was a better representation of who people really are, would you say it’s their words or their behaviors?

I agree…

It’s all about our behavior isn’t it?

How we treat others as opposed to how we say other should be treated.

How we handle ourselves under stress as opposed to how we would like to handle ourselves.

How hard we actually work as opposed to how hard we say we work.

How diligent we are chasing our goals as opposed to only just talking about them.

Our behavior is the true determinant of our desires.

You might be thinking “well…what about the goals that I have that I’m not chasing because I’m scared?”

This is a great question and one many of us may not like the answer to.

The truth is that our actions and behaviors are that of fear.

The fact that we say we want something and are not acting accordingly projects that we are afraid of failing along the way and have a lack of faith in ourselves to pull through.

It says we are entering into an area of the unknown and have not fully committed to the series of ups and downs that go along with the experience.

Now don’t get me wrong here… speaking about things you want and goals you desire to accomplish is an amazing way to put that message out to the universe and also to create a pocket of accountability with those around you.

That’s said, it’s crucial we take advantage the gift of accountability this breeds.

If we begin getting feedback that our behaviors are not matching our words, It’s a gift.

I’m not saying it’s an easy gift to accept; In fact it’s quite the contrary.

But if we can take this information and use it to further our progress, then it most certainly is an exceptional gift.

So what are your behaviors saying about you and your true desires?

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Stress And Weight Loss

Do you think stress helps with weight loss? Check it...

Effort. Are you all in?


It’s one thing to say we want something. It’s another to take action and actually make it happen.

So I need to ask you… are your efforts matching what you say you want?

Are you all in?

So many of us underestimate the true potential of what we are actually capable of.

Because of this, many of us never reach for the things we truly want.

We settle.


The simplest answer is fear.

The fear of not being good enough, or the fear of not being loved.

I have amazing news for you today though… there is an extremely simple answer to this.

Go all in with everything you have. Make sure your efforts are matching what you say you want.

Be ready to fall, get back up and do this over and over again.

When we are all in there is no other option than this.

There is no failure, there are only obstacles.

There is no impossible, there are only delays.

There are no roadblocks, there are only hurdles.

There is no half in, there is only all in.

When we are committed, there is no give up there is only get up and go. So take a look at your goals and what you are after.

Is your effort and your action matching what you say you want?

Are you all in?

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Being Prepared For Weight Loss

Are you prepared for weight loss? Check it...

Always Moving North


This year in 2017, our goal is to help 3500 people transform their lives losing 20 pounds or more AND become a national company. Check out the movement at www.20pounds6weeks.com.

You are either getting better, or you are getting worse.

An infamous quote I picked up on from one of my mentors Pat Rigsby that’s really stuck with me over the years.

Why is this so significant?

Well… Because it’s true.

Standing still in our lives is not considered a good thing. In fact, being neutral and not moving is considered regressive in our society.

On the contrary, learning and stretching yourself with new challenges may not feel like it, but it is opening the doors to a philosophy called CANI.

Constant and never ending improvement.

This philosophy insures we are always moving north and getting better in our lives.

Why push ourselves? Why not just ride the wave and stand still?

All of us are given the choice every day of how we want to live our lives.

This is a choice no one has the authority over other than you.

Only you decide what you do and what you don’t do.

You decide if you want your life to be filled with inspiration and fulfillment.

This is a life always moving north.

Let me ask you a question… how inspiring is staying exactly where you are today?

Never getting any better.

Never overextending yourself to go out of your way for another.

Never maximizing your potential as human being.

Probably not too amazing.

So I’d like to leave you with this.

Every day either you are getting better, or you’re getting worse.

Together, let’s move north and leave neutral in the dust.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Review For Weight Loss

Review? What? Check it...

Faith in Yourself


When pursuing any goal, I believe faith is one of the most important necessities we must have on our shoulder at all times.

That said it’s incredible the number of people I meet on a daily basis who are lacking faith in the most important person. Themselves.

To me that means someone feels they are not good enough.

To that I asked the question why?

Regardless of the day of the week or the time of the year, we are always our greatest critic and sometimes to a fault.

Yes it is imperative to be able to look at our own performance and give ourselves feedback on how we can improve.

At the same time it’s detrimental not to believe we have the power to pull through.

The pattern I see is that people convince themselves they can’t, so they don’t.

That’s it.

Notice how that is broken down… they convinced themselves they can’t, so they don’t.

I say, whatever you conceive and believe you can achieve.

This includes self-doubt and holding ourselves back.

This is the law of attraction.

It’s very easy to sit here and say believe in your self. It sounds all perfectly wrapped and dolled up with the boat doesn’t it?

Yet the fact still remains: if you don’t have the faith in your self, you will not accomplish what you would like to accomplish.

So I leave you with this… what you admire in others is also inside of you. That I am certain. You just need to believe in yourself.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Eat More For Weight Loss

Who said less is more? Check it...