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Taking Initiative


Action, inspiration, motivation compared to inspiration, motivation, action

All of us have ideas.

All of us have knowledge.

All of us have the ability.

Why is it then so few actually take initiative?

The simple answer is every day noise.

In the chaos of our daily lives, it’s difficult to keep focused on what we truly desire for ourselves.

The good news is that the solution is extremely simple.

Just take action.

Nothing moves you closer to a goal or aspiration better then taking action and anyway shape or form towards the particular goal or aspiration.

It is so easy to sit there and over think everything that needs to be done in order for a project to come to completion. This of course breeds frustration and further procrastination.

The answer… just take initiative and action on anything that will advance your progress.

But I need to be inspired to take action and my day was just so stressful.

I hear you and I get it.

The truth is that when we’re blinded by our day-to-day stress it’s very difficult to create inspiration in a moments notice.

For sometime it was thought the formula for creativity was inspiration followed by motivation followed by action.

Recently this has been re-thought.

Action leads to inspiration, which leads to further motivation.

As soon as we start taking action and begin getting some traction, we become inspired.

When we become inspired, we become motivated by that and further accentuate our abilities.

Action leads to inspiration leading to further motivation.

The only way we can accomplish this is taking initiative.

It’s not overthinking what we have to do… It’s simply getting off our butts and taking action on what needs to get started.

I would love to hear about what you’re going to get started on today.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Just Do It Now For Weight Loss

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Seeing the Beauty in the Curse


When is the last time you were grateful for a downfall in your life?

Of course this question may seem a bit bizarre.

Regardless… I believe answering this question especially as the “curse” is occurring reveals all we need to know to progress forward.

Too much of our lives I believe is filled with what is wrong while many times ignoring, or failing to ask ourselves what is right?

Five simple words have transformed my life and continue to do this on a daily basis.

How does it benefit me?

Methodical right?

Of course it isn’t magic and no it’s not sexy. That’s kind of the beauty in it.

The fact remains, in the heat of the moment, asking ourselves this question and answering it in great detail takes a lot of guts.

Why is that?

According to the universal law of synchronicity, there can never be one without the other. Hot and cold are both temperature. High and low are both altitudes. Black-and-white are both different shades of the same color. Therefore when there is a bad, there must be a good.

There are seven areas of life I tend to look at when asking the question how does it benefit me?

Spiritual, mental, financial, family, vocation, social, physical.

Whenever something very challenging comes up in my life and I feel myself falling off, I ask myself how does the situation benefit me?

How does it benefit me spiritually?

How does it benefit me mentally?

How does it benefit me financially?

How does it benefit my family?

How does it benefit my job?

How does it benefit me socially?

How does it benefit me physically?

As you are going through this exercise, pay attention to how the different areas of life resonate with different challenges. Different challenges tend to resonate more with some areas than others.

If you are diligent and persistent enough, you will reach a point where the situation is no longer good or bad. It’s just simply is. It is actually both good and bad.

You just simply took the time to see the other side you were temporarily blinded from.

This my friends is seeing the beauty in the curse.

When you are able to take something life throws at you and see the other side in order for you to benefit from it.

Of course there will be naysayers out there reading this and saying “well this is bullshit.”

That’s fine… this isn’t supposed to be for everyone. It is for those who are ready to apply and take action in their lives.

Remember…If we aren’t getting better, we are getting worse.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Challenges For Weight Loss

What is weight loss without challenge? Check it…

Challenges For Weight Loss

What is weight loss without challenge? Check it…



What does it mean to persevere? It means being persistent and doing something despite challenge and delay in achieving success.

Basically it means being stubborn enough to not let anything get in your way of accomplishing what you want your life.

Did anyone ever tell you success was easy?

Maybe you’ve heard “follow your heart. Follow your passion and you will never go wrong.”

I agree with that partially.

The only thing missing is the reality that regardless which path you choose, to ultimately be the best in what you do, takes the ultimate in perseverance every single day over and over again.

How many times have you heard people making excuses for their lack of success with excuses about how talented or fortunate their competition in the field is?

I’ve heard it time and time again.

So much of peoples time is spent focusing on reasons why they aren’t as successful as they want to be as opposed to making success happen for themselves.


Because it’s so much easier than taking responsibility for their lack in efforts towards taking massive action.

If the majority of people spent as much energy and time taking massive action towards their goals that they do making excuses as to why they can’t or haven’t achieved them yet, there would be a dramatic shift in the number of people “living the dream.”

When it comes down to it regardless of the gifts people are inherently born with, hard work beats talent every single time especially when talent doesn’t work hard.

What I find most interesting is that it actually takes no more energy to have all the success we want in our lives than it does doing nothing and stay neutral.

Staying neutral takes effort and energy just like massive action.

Of course there are the discussions about how we are a victim. These discussions take a mass amount of energy.

There is also the stress and anxiety involves with not taking massive action towards what we REALLY want in our lives.

Regardless… All of these things take energy. At the end of the day the choice is ours.

Do you want to spend your time chasing what you want most in your life or being the victim?

Now let’s get after it!

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Hard Work And Weight Loss…

What? Did you think it was supposed to be easy?

Self-confidence Builder


So what is self-confidence really?

There are many definitions but I like to keep it very simple.

Certainty in ourselves.

Of course this definition can span across any and every field, but what I am talking about today is grassroots self-confidence.

The kind of self-confidence of being comfortable in our own skin.

The kind of self-confidence where we 100% love and honor exactly who we are.

The kind of self-confidence where there is no reason to want to be or to be like anyone else.

Because only when we can achieve this will we then be able to truly concentrate on fulfilling our dreams and desires.

What do I mean by that?

The moment we 100% except ourselves and love ourselves for exactly who we are, what we look like, what we feel, what we prefer in our lives is the same moment confidence occurs on a grassroots level.

It's at this moment where the noise stops. Where we stop worrying and become 100% authentic.

Of course there is the kind of confidence that comes through study and mastering of certain skill sets but again, this isn't what we're talking about today. We are talking about self-confidence in our own skin.

So how do we achieve this?

It's very simple.

Of course we all have things about ourselves that we love. Then we also have things about ourselves that we don't.

It's what we don't love that's the problem so simply wipe it out.

If you take the time and answer this one question very very thoroughly to the point where you are grateful for the traits you don't like is the moment you remove the restriction.

The key question is: how does the specific trait or characteristic benefit me in my life?

Answer this question for each individual trait or characteristic over and over and over again and you will break free.

Now let’s get after it!

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!

Your First Step For Weight Loss

What MUST be done to lose weight...Check it.

Procrastination Vs. Implementation


Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri and welcome to your weekly minute mindset. This year in 2017, our goal is to help 3500 people transform their lives losing 20 pounds or more AND to become a national company. Check out the movement at www.20pounds6weeks.com.

When was the last time you can remember being rewarded for procrastinating?

Yes of course there are always instances where procrastination or avoidance in implementation prevents you from being exposed to certain instances. That being said, if we are acting intelligently in our decision-making process, these can be counted on one hand.

So what is the real difference between procrastination and implementation?

A very simple way I like to look at it is that procrastination is simply fear and or laziness to take action and implement something.

Have you ever heard of the incredibly successful guy who is meticulously careful implementing everything to 100% perfection after cautiously examining each step to make sure it was going to work out the way he wanted before actually implementing it?

Me either.

Of course I'm sure he and she exists. But generally what we see is all the above traits without being incredibly successful.

Now don't get me wrong… I'm not saying in order to be successful one needs to be careless. In fact it's quite the opposite.

What I do know however is that implementation and taking massive action time after time is what will bring anyone success according to their own definition. Procrastination based upon fear and self-doubt on the other hand will only breed more fear and self-doubt.

There is an incredible book out there that explains this quite nicely called ready fire aim.

As you can guess by the title the whole premise is based upon the fact that there will never be a perfect time to take action because the situation will never seem perfect. The components will never appear perfect. The most important take away is that the time for action is now.

We take action by implementing now with what we have, and from there we constantly improve upon it.

To me, that is the difference between procrastination and implementation.

So what is it in your life you have been waiting for the perfect time to start implementing?

Ask yourself…are you fearful? Are you afraid to fail?

Great. You are human. Expect to fail, learn, get up and approach it in a whole new way.

Now get off your butt and get after it!

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!