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Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri here and welcome to your weekly minute mindset.

Success is not something that finds us. Success is something we find only after we make the choice to do whatever it takes to find it.

Interestingly, the definition of what success means, is different for every person. What one person perceives as a success, another may see as a failure.

So how can we tell if we are on the path of success in our own lives?

Answer these 2 questions honestly, and you will see clearly.

1. Do you have goals you are chasing in your life?
2. Are the goals you set for yourself your own, or the goals of someone else?

Although these questions may seem a bit odd, I can’t stress the validity and importance of each question enough.

Every human intrinsically desires growth in some way shape or form in their lives. This growth or advancement is what we consider success. If we haven’t set goals that we are chasing in our lives, how can we expect to achieve the level of growth and success we yearn for?

Secondly, many get trapped setting goals that aren’t even their own. Too many times, we pay attention to what is expected and accepted by society’s norms and set our goals according to this expectation. We conform rather than remaining authentic in our pursuits.

If this is the truth, how satisfying and inspiring does that sound? Not too inspiring right?

When we deny what we truly want in our lives, the level of satisfaction we receive pails in comparison to what it would be if we only listened and dared to take action with our own desires.

If you answered yes to both questions above, congratulations. You are stretching your way to success organically and authentically.

If you answered anything other than yes to either of the questions, I challenge you to fight for more for yourself because you deserve it.

I challenge you to look at all 7 areas of life (spiritual, mental, family, finance, vocation, social, physical) and define specifically what you desire to be, do and have in all of these areas.

I believe all of us are here to serve others in some way shape or form.

Let me ask you. Do you feel you would be better positioned to serve others if you first made sure your wants and desires were taken care of first? Of course you would.

First taking care of ourselves enables us to put our best foot forward in everything else we pursue in our lives period.

Failing to do this is a disservice to those we are currently serving. Why? Because they never get to experience us at our best.

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!