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Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri here and welcome to your weekly minute mindset.

Willingness comes down to one question...

What are you willing to do to get what you want in your life?

Every single one of us by nature love to talk. We love to talk about our dreams, our inspirations and what we would love to have in our lives.

That said, the truth is that many of us are not willing to take the actions necessary to make those dreams, inspirations and loves in our lives a reality.

I love being in situations where i'm able to just listen to the conversations people have. They speak of all these incredible things they want in their life saying things like "could you imagine that?" Or "Man…Wouldn't that be incredible to have that?"

My simple answer to those questions is yes I can imagine that and yes that would be incredible to have that. Now let's get off our asses and make it happen because the only thing standing in the way of you achieving that is you and your willingness to do what's necessary to bring it to life.

Are you willing to stay up late and do the extra work?

Are you willing to be wrong and do it gracefully?

Are you willing to listen?

Are you willing to succeed?

Although many of these questions may seem rudimentary, the truth is that these very questions are what must be answered in order to gauge our willingness.

If we aren't willing to go the extra mile, that says we just enjoy talking and want everything to stay the same.

If we aren't willing to be wrong, then we aren't willing to take the chance is necessary for quantum leaps forward.

If we aren't willing to listen to others, then we are cutting off the invaluable resources that will be integral as we push forward to break boundaries in our lives.

Finally, if we aren't willing to succeed, then we aren't willing to except the responsibility that will most definitely be present when we reach our goal.

Yes being willing to do what it takes to get to our goals is one thing, but what many of us don't realize is that the moment we reach our goals is where a new level of responsibility and work becomes necessary to both maintain what we've earned and continue moving forward.

So now it's time to take a good look at what you say you want in your life and ask yourself "what are you really willing to do to make it happen?"

Have an outstanding inspired rest of your day!