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Hey Transformers! Trevor Buccieri here and welcome to your weekly minute mindset.

Have you ever noticed we all seem to think every time other than now will be the perfect time to take action?

Whether it be taking the first step towards accomplishing one of our dreams or something as simple as beginning a home project that's been on the back burner for the last several years, I believe all of us have experienced and quoted "i'll do it later" in someway shape or form.

Why is that?

Maybe we truly do feel later will be better. We begin to justify and create reasons as to why now is not the best time. Or, maybe it's because we are afraid. Afraid of failing or afraid of not being loved.

You know what, it's been a difficult day I’m going to wait until tomorrow. I've already dug myself into a hole this deep; I might as well give myself a little more time.

Whatever the excuse may be it's important that we recognize and call it exactly what it is. An excuse.

Even more importantly is the recognition of what we missed out on in our lives through a lack of taking action now.

We think another time is going to be the perfect time. The perfect time where there would be no distractions or challenges that get in our way.

The truth is that the only perfect time is now.

Let me ask you… can you recall a pivotal experience in your life? Did you just soar right through that moment without any challenge, or were there massive challenges associated with the shift you experienced?

Regardless of what you are out to tackle and take action on, there is bound to be challenge, pain and pleasure associated with the experience.

So there's going to be pain either way? How is that supposed to be encouraging?

Here comes the juice.

Thinking back on your greatest accomplishments in life, was there challenge involved? Chances are your greatest accomplishments have been dubbed so specifically because of the high level of challenges you overcame through them.

Here is the takeaway. The greater the challenge, the greater the reward. I am willing to bet that the things you treasure most in your life are because of the boundaries you broke through in the process of attaining them.

That said, how can there be any better time than now to get started on the next step forward in your life?

Will it be difficult? Of course.

Will it be memorable? Most definitely. So let's get started now.

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