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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do you do?
  • We transform lives.
  • We specialize in weight loss and body transformations.
  • We offer a UNIQUE workout experience for busy people of all fitness levels looking to lose weight fast and tone their entire body. We offer a cutting edge personal training experience with the energy of a large group.


2. Why are you different?
  • If you are looking for a place that is going to tell you what you want to hear, there are plenty other gyms out that that will tell you that. If you are looking for a place that will tell you what you need to hear and you want and expect weight loss results, that is what we do. We transform lives.

  • Here, you don't come to wander around like you would in a traditional gym. Here you are prescribed a program specifically for your individual goals and are held accountable by our team.


3. What are the programs like?

These are goal specific Transformation programs giving you everything you need to accomplish your goals including your training, specific nutrition and our coaching all in 1 program.  We offer a Body Burn (lose fat/lose weight) program or a Body Build (muscle/strength) program specific to your personal goals.

Our Team Transformation Training is a UNIQUE workout experience Our routines are described in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with personalized modifications made on the spot for anyone who has any sort of injuries/limitations throughout the routine. Sessions are 1 hour start to finish.



4. How soon will I see results?

Your results will vary on your commitment to your nutrition program as 80-90% of your success will be determined by your nutrition compliance. Clients can feel great results in as short as 1 week and see visual changes in a few weeks. In order to see maximal results in as little time possible, you will need to adhere to your nutritional program and attend all of your scheduled workouts.



5. Is there a nutrition program involved?

Yes, the number one most important component of any weight loss program is NUTRITION. Once you join into our membership program, you receive access to our online membership website. Provided here is our digital nutrition education and assessment program which will provide you with all your need for your success. Included is your

  • Body & Soul Transformations' Essential Nutrition Seminar Video – This game changing seminar will give you all the insight you need to know in order to have ultimate success with your nutrition moving forward and literally for the rest of your life.

  • Finding Your Personalized Nutrition Solution – This is your customized nutrition experience that will enable us to match you with the perfect nutrition program for YOU moving forward. Inside, you will be answering a small series of questions about your lifestyle, likes and dislikes that will enable us to provide you with the best fit for your personal success.

    • Taking the information you gathered from finding the correct fit for you, you will simply click on the proper link or links below in order to receive a personalized tour, explanation and experience with the nutrition program or programs of your choice. If you were stuck between 2 programs, this will enable you to see which program is truly the best fit for your success.

    • Finally, download your selection and you are off to your personal success.


6. Will I experience muscle soreness?

Yes, the initial phase of adding Resistance Training into your exercise program will cause some muscle soreness. We provide Self-Massage and Corrective Stretching Strategies before and after every session to battle this. This soreness is due to lactic acid within the muscle, which comes in as a response to the muscular work. This will pass and become more regulated as your body progresses and adjust during the first couple weeks of your training experience.



7. Will you yell at us?

Not at all. Yes, we will get intense in an encouraging, motivating and healthy manner. This is to create an unmatched atmosphere with just a killer energy to all of our programs. We are all about positive reinforcement, perfection in your execution and of course many good jokes and fun. We are here to bring you to your personal best and deliver an incredible experience to you each and every time. HANDS DOWN!



8. What do I bring with me to my training sessions?

All of our programs are completely stocked with a huge variety of the most state-of-the-art equipment in the industry, so you are all set there. What we recommend is a towel, a water bottle, and a new and supportive pair or running or cross-training sneakers. Other than that, bring you’re A-game.



9. What do I wear to my personal training sessions?

Wear comfortable, soft, breathable materials. Avoid anything too baggy, as it makes it difficult to properly analyze your posture and positioning during exercise. Wear sneakers with good support, laces (not Velcro) and soles that are low to the ground (no platform-like soles), and NO SHAPE UPS. Also we ask you to please BRING A CHANGE OF SNEAKERS to workout in; this will help us to provide you with a clean exercise facility.



10. How does the trial membership process work?

At Body & Soul Transformations, we offer short-term trial memberships for each of our programs. Depending upon your individual goals and your personal drive, many times a trial membership is a fantastic approach to ensure we are the perfect fit for each other. This does 2 things…

  1. This will give you a return and recognition of the results experience and culture that you will be changing your life with.

  2. At the same time, this is where we look at the individual throughout screening process. This allows us to look at how dedicated you truly are as an individual. We have very limited internal space so it is extremely important that we fill that with those looking to completely change their lives.

11. How do I begin your programs?

During the trial membership process, we expect each trial member to attend all scheduled sessions. This shows us that you are dedicated and serious about getting results. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis if provided with advanced notice of an impending scheduling conflict.
We want to see that you are having fun, and bringing energy and intensity to the group.
Bottom line- if you make as many workouts as you can, work hard, and bring an action-oriented attitude, you will have displayed exactly the qualities we are looking for to add to our family.



12. How much does the program cost?

Body & Soul Transformations offers 3, 6, or 12-month programs depending upon your individual goals and what you are focused on getting out of Body & Soul Transformations. Potential members will then commit to a membership level that best caters to their schedule, goals, and budget. The longer you commit, the more you savel



13. How do I receive updates, emails, etc?

All members will be provided with a welcome folder at their initial orientation or 1 on 1 complimentary weight loss and body transformation session. Among other things, when you initially sign up and sign into our reservation website, you will automatically be added to our Body & Soul Transformations mailing list where you will receive all of our latest educational updates, announcements and specials going on within Body & Soul Transformations.

**We value your privacy.
We will never sell or give away your information**