2015 Finish Strong Challenge

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The Finish STRONG Challenge. 

The holiday damage control solution designed to get you moving forward with the fastest and most convenient, results producing weight loss system this holiday season.


Starting on Saturday November 14th, we are kicking off our FINISH STRONG 21 DAY CHALLENGE with our nutrition seminar and weigh in event.  Then, the true battle begins Monday NOVEMBER16th and finishes DECEMBER 5th with our final weigh ins. 

  • Initial Weigh In’s will be held from 11:30am – 12pm
  • Nutrition Seminar will be held from 12pm – 1pm

Here's what it will do for you:

  • Lose between 7-10lbs (Usually an average of 9 pounds lost in the first 21 days!)
  • Dramatically reduce body fat! (Average 1.5 - 3 % body fat reduction in the first 21 days!)
  • Strengthen, firm and tone every muscle in your body!
  • Give you great results continually for as long as you use it!
  • Fit conveniently in your life! (This is very important!)
  • Cause major envy & questions from all your friends! (Finding clothes that fit & look great will no longer be a problem, and you'll be able to wear any clothes that you like!)

Here's exactly how the Finish STRONG Challenge works:

You are going to receive your FINISH STRONG nutrition program and food-tracker.
You will have full access to our coaches with any of your challenges you find along the way.  We’ve got you covered ;-)
If you are really serious about losing weight, inches and getting in great shape and living a healthy life... then don't hesitate, and please stop feeding yourself excuses like I did for I don’t even know how long.


“So how much does it cost???”

Through your incredible feedback, we have re-defined your opportunity as a Member to EARN YOUR MONEY BACK! 

That said, we also realize that there are people who may be feeling competitive right now, and those that just need an extra little push to go next level.  For that reason, we have developed two options for you. 

Option 1 – EXTRA PUSH: If you are just looking for that extra edge and don’t want any added self-competition, our extra push variation is perfect for you.  This version is only $1 per day!!!  $21 for the 21 day program.

Option 2 – 10 POUND BEACH READY BATTLE: If you are determined to do our specialty (LOSE WEIGHT) as many of you have indicated that you need a bigger incentive for, THAN THIS IS FOR YOU!!  Designed similarly to our 6-week 20lb challenge, you put down an additional $97 for the program.  You come in here for 21 days, lose the 10 pounds by your final weigh in, and you get your $97 back!

Awesome right? So in other words, you get the push that many of us need to TAKE ACTION, we lose the weight we want to lose, and in the end it costs us nothing additional?  THAT IS CORRECT.

Now the choice is yours.  I recommend number one know thyself.  Which version is going to provide you the REAL push you need to go next level?


Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people try to better themselves by starting a new diet or exercise program only to be letdown by NOT getting the results that they want and deserve, when I know that I can help that person.

Many times, we are overpromised and under-delivered.  And sometimes those things that seem "crazy & unbelievable" really do work.  This is one of those times. 

For less than the cost of a daily Star Bucks Latte you are going to be in the shape of your life, plus have more FREE TIME!

What is truly amazing is the results that you are going to get at such a ridiculous low cost!

Pardon me, but I'm going to be very blunt. You have absolutely no excuse not to get the body that you always wanted and you have nothing to lose but weight!  Your call. 


We are the solution you have been looking for and I’m confident that there is not a better and more convenient system out there!

Talk to you soon and have an awesome and inspired day!

Trevor A. Buccieri and The Transformation Center TEAM