Share the Wealth of Health

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It is officially time to Spread The Wealth Of Health to those you love and care about $100 giveaway!

Our mission at The Transformation Center is TO TRANSFORM LIVES. To do this, we need your help!!

If you have benefitted from what we offer here at The Transformation Center, we would love your help impacting more lives by inviting your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, enemies, or whoever else you can think of who you feel would benefit from what we do, to come in and experience the wealth of their own heightened health and or body transformation.

So, here is how it works…

This is a month long giveaway contest that will run November 2 - November 28, 2015.
There are four ways to earn SWAG and tickets to be entered into our raffle for our GRAND PRIZE of $100 cash!!

Point / Ticket System
1 POINT = 1 TICKET - Bring a non-member to a workout.
2 POINTS = 2 TICKETS - Have a non-member sign up for our Limited Time FREE 7-day VIP program
3 POINTS = 3 TICKETS - Book Trevor for a Speaking opportunity for at least 12 people
4 POINTS = 4 TICKETS - Have a non-member sign up for a membership

SWAG Prizes - Based Upon Points:
1 POINT - B&S Sticker
2 POINTS - B&S Keychain
3 POINTS - B&S Protein Shaker Bottle
5 POINTS - A choice of any B&S T-shirt

Over the month, these tickets will be accumulated in our drop box and we will have an official drawing from our ticket box Saturday, November 28 to determine our $100 WINNER!!


How do I partake in the festivities?? Here are all of your options:

1. Bring a buddy in to try us out

2. Sign up a buddy for a VIP FREE 7 Day Trial 

3. Sign up a buddy for a New Membership

4. Schedule a Speaking Opportunity For Trevor. You may choose from the following topics:
  • Communication Mastery Simply Through Caring – A look into how we can ultimately accomplish exactly what we desire simply by caring more for others.
  • Body Transformation Success Secrets – The ins a outs of what it really takes to achieve a body transformation FOR LIFE!!
  • From Where You Are With Your Goals To Walking Your Path – An exploratory hands on experience providing action steps towards your next level of nutrition mastery.
  • The Three Top Secrets Of The Fat Loss Market - What the fat loss market doesn't want you to know about what you are eating.
  • Rapid Fat Loss Now When You've Tried Everything Else - The newest, most efficient means of exercise in the industry which can be done anywhere, is a complete thrilling experience and gives you 9x better fat burning results than any conventional methods known.
  • The Fountain of Youth – The true solution to cater to all goals in the personal area of your life that will enable you to live a more fulfilled, empowered and purposeful life.
  • The Nutrition Experience For Rapid Fat Loss – A journey through the ins and outs of what it really takes to achieve Rapid Fat Loss Now, when you’ve tried everything else, and keep it for good!

To set up any of the above four options, please contact us with the name of the person and contact information. Three days advance notice is needed for Bring a Buddy and VIP Trials! For the new membership, We will set up a one-on-one B&S Body Transformation Consultation to determine the best solution for our new family member. If you'd like to schedule a speaking opportunity, please provide where, when, how many attendees, and which presentation you would like.

Contact us by: 

1. Email with your referral trial member, new member, or speaking opportunity you will be presenting us.
2. Phone with your trial member, new member, or speaking opportunity.
3. Sign up in studio for the opportunity you will be presenting us.

Thanks much and have an awesome and inspired day!

Trevor And your Entire Transformation Center Team