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The Team


TrevorTrevor A. Buccieri MS, ACSM, KBA
Owner, Body & Soul Fitness
Fat Loss Expert
Founder, Body & Soul Training Methods
Certified Demartini Method Facilitator
Fitness / Exercise Specialist
Group Personal Training Expert
Author / Inspirational Speaker

BS – Exercise Physiology form SUNY Brockport
MS – Physical Education and Health form Canisius College


American College of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer
KBA – Kettlebell Athletics
APEX Certified Personal Trainer


12 years as a Professional Life Transformation Expert
ACE Certified Personal Trainer Course Instructor
Lifelong Competitive Athlete
Highland Games Champion



Hi there.  My name is Trevor A. Buccieri and I consider myself the luckiest man alive.  Every day, I am able to do what I love and I love what I do.  I have been practicing as a Life Transformation and Fat Loss Expert for 16 years now.  I have been meticulously educating myself not only on physiological training methods, but also human behavior and the maximization and release of our inner most potential. Throughout all of my life experiences, it has become extremely clear what I was put here on this earth to do.  My mission is to inspire, empower educate and transform as many peoples lives as I am physically able to.  This industry has enabled me to personally transform my life in so many ways.  From a former fat kid with zero confidence and sense of direction in life, to discovering my true life purpose, and breaking through my old self-limiting belief systems and thought processes.  The challenges in my life that I have been able to break through have led me to greater life satisfaction and direction with each step and have enabled me to see who I truly am.  This paradigm shift has unlocked in me an unlimited potential for growth and the empowerment of others.  The gift of fitness and nutrition have inspired, empowered, and changed my life completely.  It has enabled me to improve all other areas of my life and for that I am eternally grateful.  My mission in life is to return and share that gifts that I have received with the masses; to inspire others to identify and unlock their hidden potential with their bodies, but most importantly, beginning with their soul.  I pride myself in saying that we use the most diverse, current and effective advanced methods available in the marketplace today and that we provide our members with unparalleled service and commitment.  When training with us, if you follow our proven systems, you will achieve ALL of your goals.  I guarantee it!.  My focus is on you.



TylerTyler Buccieri

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Tyler Buccieri graduated from Suny Brockport with a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. Tyler then went on the receive his teaching certificate and Master’s in Education from Canisus College. Tyler has been a life long athlete and coach in several competitive sports including basketball, soccor, lacrosse and football. During his time at Suny Brockport, he was a decorated wide receiver responsible for a substantial portion of overall receptions and offensive yards. Tyler has been involved in the fitness industry now for over 10 years and is a certified personal trainer through ISSA.  He has been recognized as one of the top Life Transformation coaches in the country through organization of The Fitness Revolution.  He has been changing lives as a personal trainer for 5 years and now as a Life Transformation Coach for a total of 7 years and is ready to take you to a level you never thought possible.  Tyler is a rare breed who is always looking for new ways of inspiring and delivering a product unlike anything you have ever experienced.  He is completely ready to change your life… the question is, ARE YOU READY????



TomTom Orlandi
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

“What separates me as a life transformation coach as opposed to just a personal trainer coach is that my mission is achieving YOUR goals!”

Tom Orlandi started his love for the fitness industry at the age of 17. Tom played competitive hockey from the ages of 4 to 8, then started playing for the Wheatfield Blades from the age of 9 to 18 years of age. In high-school, Tom played hockey for St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute and Cardinal O’Hara at the highest level. He then went on to study marketing at D’Youville College in Buffalo. He has been transforming lives as a personal trainer and now as a life transformation coach for 7 years now. You can say that Tom has a very large competitive edge.  Tom is a standout human being and he uses his gift to deliver something special to everyone who he has the privilege to service and transform.  With his commitment and undying passion for changing lives, Tom WILL help you achieve your goals and try to bring a little humor to the table as well… “Because if you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living!”  Tom is here to have a lasting impact in the industry and is fully committed to bringing out the best in you every single day.



MikeMike Lettiere
B.S., Exercise Science


Mike is a graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Exercise Science, although his passion for health and wellness started long before he attended college. Growing up an athlete, Mike started competing in weightlifting in 2006, and has continued to grow as a lifter and a coach ever since. In 2006 he began working as a Strength Instructor and continued to train a wide range of clients while earning his degree. Upon graduating in 2011, he completed an extensive internship as the leader of the Summer Bootcamp program through the YMCA, supplementing each participant with weekly fitness consultations and, both one on one and group exercise sessions to ensure that everyone achieved positive results. Mike has spent a great deal of time volunteering as a coach for various athletic events through the Special Olympics, and will continue to share his passion for exercise with everyone he gets the opportunity to work with in the future. With the right coaching and support team, Mike believes everyone can achieve their goals, and he is personally committed as your coach to help you achieve yours. “Today is never too late, tomorrow is”. Let Mike take you down your inspired path to achieving the life transformation you have always dreamed of.



RickRick Cumbo
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Rick began his love for athletics and fitness at a very young age.  He was a standout baseball player every year since the age of 4.  From the age of 13-17, Rick pursued his passion of competitive baseball with much success as he traveled along the east coast with one of the top teams in all of Western New York.  Rick’s journey as a baseball player left him well decorated as he was named to the All Western New York 2nd all-star team as a pitcher, Kenmore News player of the year, Tonawanda pitcher of the year and a member of the all league team 3  out of 3 years during his high-school playing career.  These accomplishments were a sign of Rick following his heart and his passion.  To this day Rick is humbled by the game of baseball and what it has taught him in his life.  Rick’s determination to become a better baseball player and improve his performance on the field was what led him to the beginning of his fitness career.  Since his initial involvement with training over 5 years ago, Rick’s love and passion has shifted from baseball into making an impact in others lives.  Rick says, “I have found a passion unlike anything I have ever known.  It has given me the gift to be able to empower others and unlock unlimited potential and joy in their lives”.  Rick is one of the most safety conscious, motivated, knowledgable fitness pros you will ever meet.  Rick lives what we preach every single day.  Rick has been personal training independently for over 3 years and has been transforming lives with Body & Soul now for almost 1 year.  Rick is ready to bring your life to the next level of your personal greatness.